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Sunday, September 23rd 2012

3:27 AM

Side Effects From My Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

So that is my story buy vicodin of the 1st encounter with dealing with my ulcerative colitis via Humira.

One particular great part about likely to the medical professional this day was they recommended me some Vicodin to consider treatment of the pain. 1 point is for certain, Vicodin performs on me. Humira does as nicely, just not how I would have preferred, but Vicodin definitely operates as supposed. The vicodin gave non permanent relief, which was greater than any present or reward I have received. At this time, there was also a choice made for me to go and up my dose of prednisone to 60mg/day which for a 160lb man like me is a substantial amount. But, these were bad occasions, and drastic steps experienced to be taken.

Even stranger side results from Humira:
Alongside with the Ulcerative Colitis, I now had some terrible joint pains in several places. The consensus as to what I had appear down with was some variety of Arthritis. This is truly interesting since Humira is commonly approved to Arthritis individuals to support that. In all honesty, I have a quite good good friend who is on Humira for arthritis and is undertaking acceptable great. He has not experienced any fingernails fall off however.

For me, another minor bonus to go along with the ulcerative colits and joint troubles was some real unusual bumps on my head. They ended up a thing like actually huge pimples, and they had been on my scalp below my hair. And gentleman were they itchy at times. The doctors all considered this combination was rather strange, as did my household. I can only think about what it is like to watch someone in your family members go via this kind of odd ordeals. Also, for several of us who have UC, it is not one thing that just happened overnight, there is usually a lengthy historical past that goes alongside with it. So to be adding some far more enjoyable on the hearth, nicely lets just say if it really don't get rid of you it helps make you more powerful. I must be fairly darn strong then!

Time to go to Vegas
Following leaving the doctor's office this time, I was heading property with my dad, and the program was to start up the steroids and also some Vicodin and to get completely ready for azathioprine. At this point, I was very familiar with all the names of the medication, and this was just yet another situation wherever I was heading to attempt out another medicine because the previous types have been not obtaining me much better. Wrong. For some explanation I can't make clear, I constantly believed the term Azathioprine was scary. I wished to wait until my primary gastro medical professional was again in the office before popping some more capsules. Vicodin is a robust addictive drug as it leads to sudden higher, euphoria, and a sense of nicely-being. Duration of use: Have you been getting the drug for far more than a number of weeks? Numerous painkillers grow to be addictive right after as small as two to 3 weeks of use.
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